You've probably seen it mentioned before...but yes, it's an 80 year old design classic!
This simple design has endured, unchanged, for 80 yearsLazer etched branding adds a touch of the connoisseur Pouring is easy, even for tiny espresso mugs

3 Cup Stove-Top Espresso Maker



This 80 year old design stems from italy and was first released in 1933.  It can be seen in the London scinece meuseum and design museums around the world.  Traditionally, Moka Pots (aka Stove-Top Espresso Maker) are made of aluminium and are used over a flame or electric range. Note: the aluminium moka pots cannot be used on induction stoves.

Our 3 cup espresso maker makes an espresso surprisingly quickly.  Espresso is the base for – Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino and most other coffee variants so, being able to make them at home is really important.  Whilst this won’t deliver the same espresso you’d get from a £1000+ machine found in coffee shops, it is a great to be able to make espresso at home with minimal fuss, home comfort and that wonderful aroma to kick start the day.  What’s more, in a blink taste you’d be hard to tell the difference…possibly.

Additional information


– 3 cup capacity
– 80 year old traditional design
– Aluminium percolator
– Works on gas or electric hob
– NOT dishwasher safe


Capacity: 180ml
Weight: 230g
Width (including handle): 13cm
Height: 15cm


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