This tactile frother is sure to be an instant hit
Smooth handle and one touch activation

Powerful Electric Milk Frother



Milk Frothers are quite possibly the most mis-understood kitchen tools because most people thing they are simply that, milk frothers.

The ergonomic design and silky touch rubber grip of our ‘milk frother’ make this a really nice item to hold and use.  What’s more as it’s powered by two AA batteries it can be used a more versatile kitchen whisk for things like: milk shakes, salad dressings and maybe even for scrambling an egg!  We recommend only using it on liquids but we think there should be a lot more to the life of a milk frother than just frothing milk!

Additional information


– 3 cup capacity
– 80 year old traditional design
– Aluminium percolator
– Works on gas or electric hob
– NOT dishwasher safe


Weight: 70g (excluding batteries)
Length: 23cm
Width: 4cm
Height: 4cm


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