A classic design to compliment any modern kitchen
There are four of these which help it to stand up!Lazer etched branding and attention to detail High grade stainless steel body and plunger

6 Cup Coffee Cafetière



A cafetière is a must have for any modern house hold.  It’s the fastest way to brew descent coffee at home and you can make it to your preferred strength.  You get the smell and taste of fresh coffee in the morning without having to leave the house and pay through the nose.

Our 6 cup cafetière is the perfect size for the regular household and importantly there’s normally enough left for a second cup even once it’s done the rounds.  Yay!

Additional information


– 800ml capacity
– Laser cut stainless steel
– Heat resistant Borosilicate glass
– Shatterproof glass
– Dishwasher safe glass bowl


Weight: 500g
Height: 21cm
Depth: 11cm


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