Hearts, a Swirl, a Smile and Stars!
Smiley Faced Stencil

4 Piece Dusting Stencil Set



Dusting stencils are for those special moments when you want to make a moment special.  It’s a simple thing to add a picture to the top of a cappuccino or hot chocolate but the results show that care and attention has been lavished on said drink, and that counts for a lot.

For best result always keep the stencil as close to the surface being dusted as possible and don’t worry if it touches the drink, as they’re easy to rinse and dishwasher friendly too.  What’s more, if you’re feeling really creative you can use these to dust cakes and desserts.  Enjoy!

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– Red, Blue, Green and Purple Colours
– Patterns are: Hearts, Smiley Face, Stars and Swirl
– High quality, thick plastic stencil
– Bevelled edge for sharper image
– Turn any coffee or hot chocolate into a treat!
– Dishwasher safe


Width: 8.5cm
Width (with handle): 11cm


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