A ceramic burr is the vital ingredient for any good coffee grinder
It'll produce better coffee than you get in most of these!The alluring curves of this grinder are timelessA simple screw adjusts the coarseness of the grind

Coffee Grinder With Ceramic Burr



The antique lines of this coffee grinder make it not only traditional and attractive, but combined with the ceramic grinder it’s the best of old world style and new world technology.

There’s something ‘earthy’ about manually grinding your own coffee beans, feeling them crunch in the grinder and smelling the sweet aroma in anticipation of what’s to come.  The result means a manual coffee grinder is much more rewarding to the senses than an electric coffee grinder or pre-ground coffee.  Yes, it may take a bit longer to get your coffee, but it really does add to the appreciation of the beans, their journey across the world, the importance of the grind and personal preference.  All this to heighten the senses in anticipation of the the reward of the end result.

Additional information


– Ceramic burr
– Aluminium / solid Pinewood
– Adjustable grind control
– Removable draw
– Ideal for herbs, nuts and even spices
– Not Dishwasher safe


– Weight: 430g
– Height: 17cm
– Height (with handle): 19cm
– Depth: 10cm
– Width: 9.5cm
– Width (with handle): 19cm


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